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because it's fun. lemme know if you fill it out! (winky face)

1. What is their most ideal place?

2. What did they dream about recently? Or do they dream?

3. On that note, how do they sleep? On their back? On a floor? Do they tend to sleep well, or not? Why?

4. What kind of sexual fantasy/ies do they have? Alternatively, what kind of daydreams do they have?

5. What kind of qualities do they like in other people? What kind do they hate?

6. What do they most like about themselves? What do they hate most about themselves? Do they like themselves, or not?

7. What kind of goals do they have? What motivates them?

8. What kind of music do they like?

9. When walking out in public, someone bumps into them suddenly. How do they react?

10. Do they like animals? Do they have a pet, or an ideal pet?

11. Do they/would they use a Mac or a PC? Or, are they more tech-savvy or do they kind of flounder with technology?

12. Would they ever kill anyone, or have they? Why?

13. What's their handwriting like?

14. Are they religious? Spiritual? What kind of beliefs do they have?

15. If they were an ice cream flavor, what would they be?

16. Do others find them trustworthy, or do they tend to rouse suspicion?

17. Do they prefer being around people, or do they prefer being alone?

18. What kind of home do they have? Do they live alone, in an apartment, in a cave, in space, etc, etc...

19. What's their favorite food? What kind of food do they like?

20. What's their family situation like? For instance, are they on good terms, or not?

21. When's their birthday? Do they celebrate it, or is it just another day to them?

22. When out in public, they come across a man carrying bags of groceries. He stumbles and the groceries tumble out of his grasp and all over the ground. What do they do, if anything?

23. Girl scouts arrive at their door to sell cookies! How do they greet them, if at all? Do they buy any cookies?

24. Do they hate anyone? Why or why not?

25. They happen upon an erotic book full of lewd pictures. What do they do?

26. If they were to write a grocery list, what sort of things would be on it?

27. What kind of underwear do they wear?

28. What's their voice like?

29. What does a typical day look like for them?

30. What kind of fursona do they have? (Don't say they don't have one. I know they do.)



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